Using IRIS2000/IRIS3000/IRIS4000 with OrangePi Zero

posted Mar 17, 2017, 11:28 PM by EICSS Engineering   [ updated Jan 5, 2018, 9:53 AM by EICSS Info ]
Last time, we discussed integrating IRIS2000 with Orange Pi with a focus on Orange Pi One. In the mean time, Orange Pi Zero has become available. This board is an ideal choice as low cost headless computer as it is even smaller footprint and there are two good additions. One, is that it has USB signals available on a connector, making it easy to develop production grade hardware which rely on USB - no more USB cables. Second, it has WiFi making it a real value for money.

Orange Pi Zero is based on Allwinner H2 SoC compared to H3 SoC on Orange Pi One. Besides similarities between the two, there are differences - GPIO mapping is different event though 26-pin GPIO connector is RPi compatible. This means a different variant of Linux distribution (armbian) as well as WiringOP.

For Orange Pi Zero, relevant armbian version can be downloaded here:

Relevant WiringOP version can be downloaded here:

That's all. IRIS2000/IRIS3000/IRIS4000 should now run flawlessly with Orange Pi Zero.

Note: This article is an addendum to a previous article about integration with Orange Pi One located here.