sk400vop demo for ARM Linux based platforms (armphone)

posted Sep 28, 2016, 11:35 AM by EICSS Engineering   [ updated Dec 20, 2017, 7:31 AM by EICSS Info ]
This CLI based demo allows initiating and receiving SIP calls. The demo binary is licensed to both individual and commercial customers free of cost. Please read through the license terms before you download and use the demo.

We intend to keep the demo updated as we add new features and fix bugs. Limited number of feature requests can be entertained provided they feel fit in general for all audience. Please send your feature request to

Tested platforms

Raspbian Jessie (Raspberry Pi 1/2/3)


  • USB audio dongle
  • ALSA run-time libraries

Running the demo

Please follow steps below to run the demo in popular ARM based platforms.

Step 1: Extract the archive

Extract the archive to a temporary folder:

tar xvf armphone.tar.gz

Following two files will be extracted:

armphone - executable

armphone.conf - Configuration file

Configure the phone

Edit the configuration file and change following configurations to your local settings:

audio-device - Provide USB audio device card and subdevice

net-device - Network interface to bind to

sip - SIP account info

bind - Local SIP port to bind to

avpf - Enable if your service requires AVPF instead of AVP in SDP

Run the executable

Run armphone with configuration file as parameter:

sudo ./armphone ./armphone.conf

If executable runs without any errors, it should produce an output as shown below:

You can find out current registration status using command ippconfig:

Or type help to list available commands.

That's all for now. Most of the commands are self explanatory. The phone also offers UDP based API which can be used to hook it up to a custom UI. Details of the API will be provided in another session.

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