Firmware configuration for IRIS4000

posted Jan 5, 2018, 10:24 AM by EICSS Info   [ updated Feb 2, 2018, 10:25 AM by EICSS Engineering ]
IRIS4000 is our latest telephony hardware with two FXO ports. The configuration file i.e. cpe.conf looks pretty much identical to that for IRIS2000/IRIS3000 with some minor changes. We will be discussing these changes here for proper configuration of IRIS4000 firmware.

Hardware specific configurations

Since IRIS4000 has two FXO ports instead of one FXS and one FXO on IRIS2000/IRIS3000, the section has configuration parameters to enable/disable the two ports. These look like this:

# Enable/disable FXO
fxo-device enable

# Enable/disable FXO2
fxo2-device enable

These configuration parameters allow you to enable/disable any or both FXO ports.

FXO port configurations

This section has call progress tones configurations as well caller ID related configurations which apply to both FXO ports. The last two configuration parameters tell the firmware where to forward the inbound calls on FXO ports:

# FXO forward - extension where inbound on FXO
# should be forwarded to
fxo-forward 101@

# FXO2 forward - extension where inbound on FXO2
# should be forwarded to
fxo2-forward 102@

In this case, inbound on FXO is being forwarded to an extension 101 on local network while inbound on FXO2 is being forwarded to extension 102. Remember, however, that if you are using Asterisk or similar software and it's running on the same hardware the firmware is running on, the IP addresses above should be replaced with local loopback address

Note: IRIS4000 firmware has a built-in call router. It keeps track of FXO port usage and routes outbound call to available FXO port. If no FXO port is available, the call is rejected.